Northern Navajo Nation Fair

The Shiprock Northern Navajo Nation Fair is the the oldest and most traditional of the Navajo Fairs. Held each fall in the Navajo Land where the Navajo people of the Four Corners come to celebrate the year’s harvest with a community celebration.

Celebration includes a parade, fair, rodeo, arts & crafts and traditional song and dance at the Fairgrounds in Shiprock, NM.  

The Northern Navajo Nation Fair... is supported and directed under the establishment of the Plan of Operations by the Northern Navajo Nation Fair Board. The Northern Navajo Nation Fair was developed over 100 years ago by the community of Northern Agency Shiprock, NM. Since it's creation, it has operated within the Northern Navajo Nation Agency, held annually the first week of October.

MISSION: To establish accountable foundations that foster's our culture and heritage, in prompting effective business practices.

VISION:  As a unified entity of the Navajo Nation, conducting the annual Northern Navajo Nation Fair, we strive to provide a safe enjoyable environment by respecting our culture values with trust and integrity enriching our communities.